In the following essay, Parrington provides a sociopolitical interpretation of The Time Machine.

critical essay on the time machine

Wells intended The Time Machine to be a polemic on the inevitability of a working-class rise to power and, an attempt to reveal why the achievement of revolutionary Socialism was necessary, as against Fabian parliamentary Socialism, the latter of which strives for Socialism without eliminating class struggle from society.

The Time Traveller's position in the book is interesting. He was a scientist of the Wellsian type in the sense that he was not a conventional late-Victorian inventor. Throughout the story the reader is led to believe that the meetings held at the Time Traveller's home occurred not just in the two Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

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View the Lesson Plans. The Time Machine Criticism H. Print Word PDF. This section contains 4, words approx. View a FREE sample. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Time Machine.Mikhail Bakhtin, in his essay "Forms of Time and Chronotope in the Novel," argues that the "chronotope" of a literary work — the configuration of time and space in the fictional world that the text projects — is inextricably connected with its The concept of the novum is a central theme to science fiction as a whole.

It represents something new and different from the world as we know it. The novum usually functions as the impetus to the science fiction story, guiding the motivations of In his early novel, The Time Machine, H. What if humans devolve to the point where The Time Machine by H.

Wells features horrific creatures from beneath the earth that enslave helpless humans, yet it is rarely if ever described as a horror novel. The tale features an adventurous leading character who manages to find a little The Time Machine is a science fiction film that was produced and directed by George Pal. Based on an novel of the same title by H. As George, the In The Time Machine, H. Wells takes on the impossible task of imagining the future of our world.

The story features the Time Traveler Georgethe main character of the story, and his many adventures in the yearA.

Later in Scientific investigation as a motif in Victorian literature served as both a source of inquisitiveness and terror in its youth as an ideological school of thought. Both Mary Shelley and H. Wells take time to scientifically dissect these facets In The Time Machine by H. Wells, the Time Traveler travels from the late 19th century to the future—,—to find both heavenly and hellish, both beautiful and sickening environments.

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critical essay on the time machine

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critical essay on the time machine

During a lot of the book contrast is based on revealing intelligence and general lack of it. It is also shown as what the time traveller thinks will happen and what actually does happen. A lot of these contrasts are quite regularly compared to the contrast. Time Machine by H. Heavy industry demanded fossil fuels and therefore there was a heavy. When the time traveler thought of the future he made assumptions that would suggest that the in the future, society would act in a progressive manner.

He believed that society would be free of disease, that the human species would be very advanced compared to the humans in his time, and that the human beings in this society would not know fear because of their advances in technology. He was born on September the 21st in Bromley, Kent. He first wrote a book when he was eleven; although this was not published it was a great achievement.

He won a scholarship to the school of science, but he failed due to his other interests such as history, journalism, sociology and writing. His dad was a pro cricketer and a. Society in H. He explains in great detail his views of evolution and Dystopia. The world he has travelled to could for all he knows be another planet. It is the definition of a Dystopia, with to opposite species living against each other, one calm and peaceful whilst the other is out to destroy the calm species, needing to kill them to live.

Wells writes about. Wells The Time Machine was inventively written as a social critique of the Victorian Era in by Herbert George Wells, the father of modern science fiction. Wells used the novel to get the messages across on social and political problems at the time when London was on top of the world.

The novel criticized mainly on communism, imperialism, capitalism, as well as Social Darwinism. The Time Machine was an adventurous science. Wells, The Time Traveler, as Wells calls him, travels hundreds of thousands of years into the future through time. He arrives at a world that, at first glimpse, is peaceful and clear of any worries. As The Time Traveler explores the world, he discovers that the human race has evolved into 2 distinct forms.

Although the world appeared to be the Garden of Eden, it was, in reality, the Garden of Evil. Wells uses three aspects of the futuristic. A theme that can be made from the book titled The Time Machine by H. Wells is things are not always as they appear.During his adventures, the traveler encounters the Eloi creatures and luckily gets along with them. On the other hand, he is at loggerheads with the Morlock, and a fight emerges between them.

Similarly, the Morlock and Eloi do not get along, a fact that separates them. The time traveler reveals the conflict that exists between the social groups. During his adventure with the time machine, he meets a group of feeble and weak creatures, the Eloi. The Eloi are unable to work hard and live in fear, especially at night.

The aspect of capitalism prevails where the ruling or rich people occupy the best or fertile land while the others live in abject poverty, and this highlights inequality in society hence conflict. The Morlock live in the underworld and only to appear during the daytime to hunt for the Eloi and feed on them. The fact that one class feeds on the other underscores the height of conflicts in such a society.

Due to lack of creativity and innovation, the Eloi do not view the importance of the time machine. Their weak bodies hinder them from lifting the machine; they only observe it in amazement, and they eventually desert it. The author highlights the consequence of laziness, as it is the case with most rich people. The rich people always depend on the poor people for labor; therefore, the dependence on the lower social class to carry out skillful jobs gives the lower class workers an upper hand to be innovative or creative as it exposes them to challenging situations in life.

Unfortunately, the upper social class lags in matters concerning innovation and creativity, especially during industrialization of warfare. Wells describes the Morlock in The Time Machine as tough creatures living underground in well-built, durable structures. The narrator is unable to unlock their doors when they steal his time machine. In comparison with the Eloi, who have both weak bodies and houses, the author shows the consequences of dependence and lack of unity in society.

The two classes are at loggerheads; therefore, the upper social class lack skills in the construction and maintenance of their buildings. For instance, Weena, from the Eloi social group, dies when a conflict emerges between the time traveler and the Morlock. The lack of strength and skills to escape from fire leads to her death.

Although the upper class enjoys their lifestyle, the inability to protect themselves and be dependent describes them as the weak creatures. In addition, as the summary shows, it is due to exploitation that, the Eloi and Morlock are at war and do not face each other. The groups, as explained, live in different worlds; underground Morlock and on the surface Eloi.

The Eloi fear the dark while the Morlock only appears at night to hunt for food. Surprisingly, they feed on Eloi, who cannot defend themselves, leading to further division. The existence of warfare, dictatorship, and exploitation between the groups decrease unity among them and increase tension. However, due to the exploitation and oppression of the workers or laborers, the lower social class may revenge against their leaders, as it is the case with Morlock.

They will hold demonstrations demanding their rights and recognition from the upper social classes. Similarly, bitterness, suffering, and frustrations may compel the lower social class to kill, rebel, or terrorize the upper class, and the world may go to war.The Time Machine, by H.

Wells, is a science fiction book about a man who travels into the far future wanting to know what our civilization turns into. He is shocked to see that the people have evolved into two different and completely different races. The Time Traveler, as the book calls him, first thought that the people lived in perfect harmony and peace, but later learns that that is not true. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

Critical Analysis of “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells

This is not an example of the work written by professional academic writers. Here you can order a professional work. Find a price that suits your requirements. After building a time machine, the Time Traveler takes a journey to the yearHe gets out of the time machine and is greeted by the people. He finds them to be beautiful creatures, but he also notices that they act like five or six year olds.

He tries to talk to them but they could only understand very simple sentences. He followed them around and was puzzled by how the only things they did all day were dance, play, eat, and sleep. He wanted to know how they were able to survive without working. A few days past before he decided to go back to the time machine. He went back to the spot where it disappeared and found it gone.

After yelling and screaming for his machine, he learns that there is another race of humans and they are the ones that took the machine.

The other civilization the Time Traveler found, were very different from the first. These live underground, in the dark, and are very hairy. Soon after watching them, he figured out how everything in this strange world worked.

The hairy creatures, known as the Morlocks, were the evil ones who supplied the Eloi the kind and gentle people with food, water and clothes.Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Whilst reading this interesting book chock-full of metaphors, allusions and hidden deeper meaning.

There were many details that could not be left unnoticed. When the Time Traveler goes to the future and encounters the two different species that inhabit is he notices that one species is considerably unintelligent, relying on only basic gathering skills to survive. However they are not safe from the Morlocks.

The Morlocks are the other species that live in this future landscape. They do not depend on the environment for food and instead live underground in dark wells feeding on the flesh of the Eloi.

This relationship may representation our society today in terms of the upper and lower classes. The rich are often seen as oblivious to the suffering of the lower class and have all the food and shelter that they need, maybe even an abundance of it. Whereas the poor lower class are stuck needing the assistance, protection and care of the rich which they may not get enough of.

The most interesting comment I made while reading the book is that the characters in the book are described by their mannerisms and level of knowledge, instead of the usual visual appearance you see in many other books.

This may be used to increase the readers perception of them as intelligent figure, by focusing not on the physical being, and instead the mind. The titles of individuals also seem to change around quite a bit. The titles are a huge aspect in this story, I believe, and are constantly changing due to their hosts importance.

Or if any of the characters actually have real names. In the beginning of the book the Inventor has created the Time Machine, which is the most important thing he has done thus far giving him the title of The Inventor.

Whereas once he uses the machine to actually time travel, him time traveling becomes the most important thing about him, making his name change to the Time Traveler. This can be seen as well in our society today because we are known for what we have most accomplished or what stands out the most about us. Titles help define these different characters just as they help us define ourselves in real life.

This leads to a high speed chase as he tries to escape. Some way down the central vista was a little table of white metal upon which a meal seemed to be spread…while I stood in the dark a hand touched mine; then some lank fingers came feeling over my face…I will confess I was horribly frightened…In a moment I was clutched again by several hands, and there was no mistake now that they were trying to draw me back. He does this by adding descriptions of events as well as feelings.

It is also one of the first scenes with a lot of action which always happens to draw me in. A lot of people have been stuck in situations where they are not familiar with their surroundings or the people around them, and this leads to a uncomfortable feeling, making this scene easy to relate to for many.

The Time Machine | Criticism

Maybe not in the specifics but in the general feeling of fear of the unknown. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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