Learning Activity 1 A good learning experience would be a few years back a teacher helps me achieve the best results. Also, she had time for everyone that might be encountering problems that they might have. Furthermore, she provided us with tricks and tips for exams for which she wanted the best possible result for everyone and motivated us to do our absolute best. A bad learning experience would when the teacher just regurgitated information from the Powerpoint and just giving it like a speech….

Unfortunately, some companies have mismanaged their greatest asset—their brands. Snapple had become a hit through powerful grassroots marketing and distribution through small outlets and convenience stores. Snapple lost so much money…. Questions 1.

What changes in employment relationships are likely to occur as the population ages? Do you think increasing age diversity will create new challenges for managers? What types of challenges do you expect will be most profound? How can organizations cope with differences related to age discrimination in the workplace?

What types of policies might lead to charges of age discrimination…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 8. Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats Unfortunately, some companies have mismanaged their greatest asset—their brands. Words: - Pages: Age Discrimination In The Workplace Case Study that clarity and consistency can help ensure all employees are treated equally regardless of age.

Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards.Introduction Underprivileged and underachieving students are a large challenge in schools.

Argumentative Essay: Teachers Should Earn More Than Athletes

Teachers have a challenge in dealing with students who are not interested in learning. This is because their work is to know how students should achieve good grades to their potential. The real problem arises from teachers starts developing negative attitudes towards these students. Underprivileged students have no access to resources like reading materials, lack of uniforms, lack of enough food and this may lead to uncompleted homework or assignments.

Firstly, making children stay trapped in school for increasing hours for more work to be done really does not help them get it done at all. Kids are kids and they are different from one another. A big group of students have trouble getting their work done no matter how much time they were given.

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Placing more time into the school program will cause many complaints and will make students too tired to do their work. This can lead to no interest in learning. The effect of this is the child not paying attention in class. Which doesn 't allow them to do good in school or just to escape were crazy families and i don 't just say this just to say this but thats the truth behind the ugly doors in the world that there are bad people that don 't allow our youth to become what they need to become to insure our future.

So i just wonder whats doing on in the minds of the parents who think that they don 't need to go to school and lets treat our kids the way we want to treat them and lets use them for our own benefits and not insure our great nations next coming generation.

Also our teachers are there to teach math, science, and English well none of this stuff will ever help them if they don 't learn moral values. It is a teacher 's job t prepare us for the future so this is part of that. If they let kids get away without teaching it they will think they have power over the teacher and this will start to cause major problems in class. Here are the main things that should and need to be taught.

Trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship without this you can 't do much. Teachers who turns his or her back on a struggling student is a deserter to the student and a failure to the teaching profession.

As an ally, teachers strive to provide a positive and comfortable environment for students. Some students choke because they completely forget about what they have been learning ab0ut. For some students, they might have a hard time concentrating and just try to get through it without really understanding what they are doing. Which makes testing a lot harder on them.

Pedagogic Barriers The profession or art of teaching. Lack of support for teachers The lack of support from circuit and districts affects teachers as well as school management. For example, teachers complained that, although workshops are often promised for educator empowerment, they take a very long time to materialize.


The shortage of subject advisors to assist teachers in teaching specific subjects is also a problem.Some athletes sponsor charity events and lend their fame to fundraisers, while others spend their money partying and living a very lavish lifestyle. Despite a common belief that athletes are grossly overpaid, the fans continue to crave entertainment and thus provide them with the money.

Athletes are overpaid. Unlike doctors, policemen, firefighters, teachers and other occupations that are necessary for order and safety on a daily basis. Teachers are mentors who tackle little problems that a particular student faces.

Teachers deal with the challenges of making lessons fun, creative, and effective. Being a compassionate, caring teacher is a difficult task because educators only have limited time to really make an impact on their students. Most classes only last about forty minutes each day. However, a teacher can make a lifelong impact on the students if he or she devotes energy and creativity for the benefit of the students.

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A great teacher is one who teaches, understands and listens. Excellent teachers can teach, understands and is willing to admit they are wrong and also willing to learn from their students.

You only get one chance to make a lasting impression on a child, show them that you not only care but also shows value and interest in what they think makes you an excellent teacher.

As teachers we have to remember that students have their own lives and activities when they leave school.

It is not just that they are spending more than half their day with us, but that with each passing hour students are learning how to deal with new things and situation. There are now people saying that everyone is a winner, and that there are no losers. While others believe that this competitiveness in sports is great for a kid.

On the other side of the argument parents and experts are saying that sports teach kids to exercise and eat right, they cut down on obesity rates, sports help with positive attitudes in teens as well as a decrease in depression and suicide rates, and that sports improve overall academic success and goal setting.

Teachers have the power to make their students succeed. Effective teachers have positive impacts on the lives of many of their students. Since teachers have the power to make a difference in the lives of their students, they also have the power to change the history of the world. One small thing a teacher does or says can affect a students live forever. I have gotten better at being able to reach the students that everyone else has given up on.

Having worked as a mediator and being able to connect with the students; I am able to get both sides to achieve an understanding and helping the students to successes. This has been very important to me, with the experience, my goal is to get a degree that would bring me up to the level I need to be. I am thinking about getting a degree that would let me teach in a classroom, and be a counselor.

Through the involvement in sports, athletes will mature physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. For example, as in a game or competition, young people learn that winning or achieving anything is accomplished through hard work and dedication. Athletics also teach how to well-manage your time and how to balance having multiple responsibilities. In high school, my coaches have expressed to me the importance of being a student before being an athlete.

You make memories that you'll remember forever. You can work hard but still have a good and fun time with everyone and your activity while your doing it. Athletics and Academic performance continues to be a topic of controversial. Many feel that grades are still a priority if you are in a sport. I noticed from all the capable people I know that their skills were acquired through hard work, their passion for what they do, and years of experience in their trade or profession.

I can 't think of anyone who is born with skills. If you come across people who achieved certain results due to natural ability than hard work, there 's a good chance that hard work has been invested. For example, when I was in school, there were students who seem to breeze through tests and get great results. What a lot of people don 't know is that behind the great results were extra hours spent on self-studying and hours of private tuition that their parents put them through.

The college also makes money from the tickets they sell at the games along with the food and other merchandise they sell at the games.

It is only right for the athletes who make all this possible gets some of the profit they help bring in.I argued here that remuneration reforms for civil service teachers will achieve production efficiency. This paper has three main sections.

Section 1 gives a brief description of the scheme of service for teachers in Kenya. Section 2 highlights the economic case in favour of teacher salaries and identifies the government failures in ensuring teacher effectiveness.

His first point has become evident over time. The nations that best educate their children will have power in the future. He also mentions giving Americans a competitive education. This topic brief is going to look at performance pay and if this type of program can be used to increase student achievement and increase teacher accountability with maintaining a positive culture.

This is currently a hot topic in many states and there are states that are looking to adopt this program and some states are dropping it. In some schools this type of program has proven to raise student achievement, but people argue that although these schools have had success, there is little evidence.

For years, public schools and private entities, such as religious-based schools and textbook manufacturers, through Private-Public Partnerships PPP have worked hand-in-hand to provide educational services Brewer and Picus,p.

Fact Sheet: Troubling Pay Gap for Early Childhood Teachers

Regarded as a means to improve efficiency, equity, and effectiveness, privately controlled education providers have become more visible in recent years.

As the demand for specialized and higher quality educational opportunities has changed, privatization has become. United States is the teachers union. With almost close to 5 million members nationwide, the teachers union is one of the most powerful unions. Through collective bargaining, problems have been created for the public school system which takes place at local school districts; rules have been imposed to create ineffective forms of organization at schools.

The rules that are currently in place by collective bargaining are also creating a big disconnection with many public schools, that being the interest. Abstract The pay-for-performance plan has been implemented in many organizations as a motivational strategy for workers. However, the plan remains a hard sell in public schools where teachers have deliberately turned down its implementation.

Apparently, the lack of. Moreover, performance-based pay is about developing performance-oriented principles and encouraging people Tomlinson Teachers, who are not inspired by monetary rewards, can be motivated with non-monetary rewards Odden, a. These non-monetary rewards can embrace, for illustration: fulfilment from high student achievement, acknowledgment, inspiration, acquiring new skills, and personal development Tomlinson, ; Odden b. According to O. Professionalism is important to understand in the study of public administration.

Professionalism is a concept that describes certain types of public agencies as well as the individuals that work for these organizations. Changes in the way that these individuals are regarded may impact the way in which these administrators function.

The concept of professionalism means that workers are specially trained in their field. These workers are required to possess a high level of technical expertise. With the ensuing tide of globalization, the top companies and firms will be able to look beyond students from local schools and access a growing global talent pool.This method of compensating employees may seem attractive as it makes sense to reward those employees who demonstrate high productivity and subsequently high contribution to the sector or the organization in question.

This method may also look interesting as it show fairness and retains employees in the company.

In the bonus system of performance appraisals, hardworking and productive workers are rewarded with a bonus payment for only that period of time.

This approach takes a direct recompense for quantified method of production. This is highly practiced in factory set ups and is not applicable in the merit payment for teachers Bacal 3. It is argued that this mode of compensation will be anomalous to the character of effective schooling. It is feared that this method of payment will suppress reforms in the education sector mainly by causing enmity between teachers as they endeavor to earn more pay.

Conflicts may arise in schools between teachers who are not compensated against those get high paychecks.

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Jealousy may arise from the administrators who could be fellow teachers against the teaching staff if they earn more.

This is expected to give rise to competition and weak teachers may feel endangered. This conflict between the two parties becomes unfortunate if it differently influences student learning.

Concern also arises due to the financial attachment of the evaluation as some of those who do not qualify for the award fear that the judgment was not really equitable.

It can be seen that the spirit of competition instilled into the teachers by this program becomes unhealthy and ideas are no longer shared.

Learning climate in the school change and teachers no longer share the hard work fearing that the credit may be beneficial to only one of them.

In general, competition rather than cooperation arises. A common misunderstanding that arises is the comparison with commission stores that base their compensation on this mode and attain high productivity in sales. A clear observation reveals constant rivalry and lack of cooperation. The effect would cause our education system to crumble.

Merit payment is inequitable; it could lead to the rise of free riders who lie low and only come out during the sharing of the kill. This is especially so if merit payment is done as per department. This will deter collaboration because hard workers will become demoralized when they observe others slaking off.Merit pay is a term used to describe the payment of wages or salaries based on performance.

This form of payment grants bonuses to workers who execute their duties effectively according to quantifiable standards. Merit pay can easily be used in non-education sectors such as finance, industrial and other service industries as merit can be based on quantifiable factors such as financial performance and customer feedback. However, this method of payment cannot be easily used in education since different students and pupils have different abilities, besides, the educational sector is not a profit-making entity.

However, proponents of merit pay, among other arguments, assert that the system would be coherent with management concepts from the private sector and would improve educational standards. Merit pay in the education sector has continued to face opposition from various stakeholders who insist that this system will lower staff morale and thus ruin the education system.

To begin with, merit pay would ensure that teachers achieve goals that are set at the beginning of the evaluation period. These goals could be in the form of students achieving a set mean grade, performance in specific subjects such as mathematics or sciences, or excelling in co-curricular activities. Secondly, merit pay would keep better teachers around for a longer time. Therefore, a pay based on performance would retain these teachers as their pay would match or even surpass those of the private sector, the schools will also be able to attract teachers with exemplary performance.

Finally, the end results of this system would increase over the educational system. Besides keeping better teachers and achieving educational goals, the system would improve education over the long period Solomon, Pp. The applicability of this system is drawn from various evidences. Most teachers have a unique way of teaching that makes evaluating difficult. Should educational authorities implement a merit play, they will have to outline standards on which evaluations are based on and this will standardize educational systems in the country.

Besides, increased pay would be a big motivator at the workplace as teachers who are ranked highly would feel that their efforts are paying back. This would encourage them and even encourage teachers whose rankings are low to work harder Solomon, Pp. Another evidence for the use of this system arises from studies that indicate average Sat scores have dropped 80 points over the last 30 years.

This drop has been partly attributed to weaknesses in the current educational system, this trend could be corrected by implementing a merit pay system for teachers to encourage them, and this will improve student performance. Several factors have warranted authorities to propose merit pay for teachers. First, it would be easier to follow set plans than to come up with them. The plans would be set up by authorities in the education sector and implemented in most public institutions, this would ensure education is standardized, rather than allowing each institution to come up with its own system Stronge et al, Pp.

Secondly, a higher pay for teachers who excel in their teaching roles would improve the quality of education in the country. America believes that the educational system has gotten worse, this idea finds support from studies that have shown that average Sat scores have fallen drastically over the recent years, therefore, the system requires several reforms, one of which is a merit pay system Stronge et al, Pp.Preschool is a critical means of expanding educational equity and opportunity by giving every child a strong start.

Studies show that attending high-quality early education can result in children building a solid foundation for achieving the academic, health, and social outcomes that are of benefit to individual families and to the country as a whole. Children who attend these programs are more likely to do well in school, find good jobs, and succeed in their careers than those who don't. And research has shown that taxpayers receive a high average return on investments in high-quality early childhood education, with savings in areas like improved educational outcomes, increased labor productivity, and a reduction in crime.

Yet, preschool teachers are paid less than mail order clerks, tree trimmers and pest control workers. Child care workers make less than hairdressers and janitors. In fact, most early childhood educators earn so little that they qualify for public benefits, including for the very programs they teach targeting low-income families. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. The U. The report is released in conjunction with the United State of Women Summitconvened by the White House Council on Women and Girlsto celebrate the great achievements by and for women, and to organize around solutions that address the many issues where inequalities and injustices remain for women and girls.

The Summit will emphasize issues of educational opportunity, economic empowerment, health and wellness, violence against women, leadership and civic engagement, and entrepreneurship and innovation.

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It is worth noting that the pay for preschool teachers working in elementary school settings may be higher, but it is difficult to differentiate because the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not separate out the salaries by type of preschool.

The report found that while education and training requirements have increased for early education teachers, workforce pay has not. In fact, early learning caregivers and teachers with a Bachelor's degree earn nearly half the average earnings of individuals with a Bachelor's degree overall. When early childhood educators are held to lower educational expectations and preparation than elementary school teachers, there is a perception that educating children before kindergarten requires less expertise than educating early elementary students.

This helps justify the disparity in both the educational requirements and salaries for early learning teachers. Low salaries fail to incentivize teachers to earn Bachelor's degrees.

Educators without Bachelor's degrees have difficulty gaining higher compensation. An early childhood workforce without the necessary competencies compromises the quality of learning experiences for young children and their subsequent outcomes.

To maximize the potential of our young children and the educators and programs that serve them, we must do more to support and lift up preschool teachers," said Libby Doggett, the Education Department's deputy assistant secretary for Policy and Early Learning. The improvements they made in their instructional methods, classroom management and more told the story.

As a nation, we must do better to honor early childhood educators as professionals. In most states, median preschool teacher earnings across the various early childhood settings e. Source: All data except for Head Start data are from the U.

Perform a variety of tasks, such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and overseeing play. Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education instruct preschool-aged children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth needed for primary school in preschool, day care center, or other child development facility.

Substitute teachers are included in "Teachers and Instructors, All Other" May be required to hold State certification. Preschool Special Education Teachers teach preschool school subjects to educationally and physically handicapped students. Includes teachers who specialize and work with audibly and visually handicapped students and those who teach basic academic and life processes skills to the mentally impaired.

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In the states that do have these policies, they largely only apply to lead teachers working in public school settings. Across the 42 states and the District of Columbia now operating state preschool programs, NIEER found only four states require salary parity for all lead teachers across all settings: Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Another eight states require salary parity for all lead teachers working in preschool programs located in public schools: Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas.

In New Jersey, two of the programs have salary parity for all settings and one has parity just in public schools. Iowa has salary parity for preschool teachers working in public schools in one of its two state preschool programs.