Born Nov. Soviet military and Party figure. Marshal of the Soviet Union Member of the CPSU from Born in the village of Barshchinka, Yaroslavl Province, to a peasant family. Bliukher worked as a metal craftsman in Petrograd and the Moscow vicinity.

He spent —13 in prison for calling for a strike. He took part in World War I, first as a private and later as a junior noncommissioned officer. He was awarded two St. He was seriously wounded in January and discharged from the army.

He worked as a metal craftsman in Sormovo and Kazan. After the February Revolution ofBliukher entered the nd Reserve Regiment in Samara as a volunteer, on the basis of a decision of the Samara Party organization, in order to conduct revolutionary work among the soldiers.

He was a member of the Samara military revolutionary committee in November and participated in the establishment of Soviet power. At the end of November he was sent to Cheliabinsk as commissar of a Red Guard detachment.

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There he was elected chairman of the revolutionary committee and, in Marchchairman of the soviet. He participated in the struggle against the Dutov movement. After the mutiny of the Czechoslovak corps, he headed the Soviet troops that were surrounded in the Orenburg region. With his troops, he made a heroic raid of 1, kilometers through the Urals, coming out to unite with the Third Red Army in September On Sept.

Commanding the 51st Infantry Division during August through Novemberhe took part in the heroic defense of the Kakhovka bridgehead and the storming of Perekop. During —27 he was the main military adviser attached to the Chinese revolutionary government in Kuangchou Cantonparticipating in the execution of the Great Northern Campaign. He participated actively in the public life and economic development of the territory.

Bliukher was a talented and strong-willed military leader, endowed with extraordinary industry and personal charm. The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Moscow, The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition All rights reserved. Mentioned in? Encyclopedia browser? Full browser?Army by Definition Is a Part of. Army, by definition is a part of the U. The other two components are the Air Force and Navy. All report directly to the Department of Defense or DoD.

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The DoD is organized into two branches, the first is active duty and the second called the reserve. In comparison to a business entity, there are several components or departments that make up the operations and administration function of the army.

The mission of the Army is broken down into operational and institutional departments Army. Each of these components have a specific purpose that supports the others much like a business entity has several departments that support the product or service offered by the company. The operational component is…… [Read More]. Army Diversity the United States Army and. Army Diversity The United States Army and Diversity The United States Army has fought very hard to overcome its segregated past and become a premiere model of inclusiveness and diversity.

Today, the Army is a capable, high performing, results-oriented unit -- and as richly diverse as America itself. Collaboration and the sharing of diverse viewpoints, skills, backgrounds, languages and ideas have helped improve effectiveness and quality throughout the entire organization. The Army proves that people who are culturally diverse can work together to achieve organizational goals when differences are embraced and leveraged for the common good.

When that occurs, a better organization is always the end result. Has the diversity of U. Army personnel strengthened or weakened the United States Army? In what manner and to what extent?

The Army views its most important asset as its people and states that "the diversity of our people is a source of…… [Read More]. The M series HMMWV is reported to have a design that meet light-wheeled vehicle requirements of the battlefield of thes and forward. The Army identified the need for such a production began on…… [Read More]. Army Customs and Courtesies. Army Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions Life in the United States Army is very different from the everyday life of the American citizen, and there are very good reasons for this.

literature write for us army guard figurine

Army life is highly structured and regulated, something that is absolutely necessary when called upon to actually fight in battle.The Department of Defense has strict rules about how members of the U. The rules are meant to prevent any appearance of bias or partisanship among the military, whose members must follow the directives of its civilian Commander in Chief and Congressregardless of their personal affiliations.

So what do these rules cover? Here's an overview with some of the key passages from the DoD's own rulebook. The Department of Defense DoD defines "partisan political activity" as "activity supporting or relating to candidates representing, or issues specifically identified with, national or State political parties and associated or ancillary organizations.

A nonpartisan political activity is defined as "activity supporting or relating to candidates not representing, or issues not specifically identified with, national or State political parties and associated or ancillary organizations. Issues relating to constitutional amendments, referendums, approval of municipal ordinances, and others of similar character are not considered as specifically being identified with national or State political parties.

The military wants its personnel to participate in our democratic process, just within limits. The DoD encourages active duty military members to vote and has established several programs to help active duty personnel register and cast absentee ballots. But when it comes to actively campaigning for a specific political candidate or partisan objective, the military draws the line.

It should be noted that these prohibitions do not apply to members of the National Guard or Reserves unless they are currently serving on active duty. For the purposes of political activity restrictions, DoD defines active duty as full-time duty in the active military service of the United States, including:.

While active military members can and should register to vote and cast votes, and may express a personal opinion on political candidates and issues, they can't express opinions on behalf of or as a representative of the U.

Bliukher, Vasilii

Military members also may promote and encourage other military members to vote as long as they're not attempting to interfere with or affect the outcome of an election. They're also allowed to join political clubs and attend its meetings as long as they're not in uniform. If they want to serve as an election official, military members are allowed to do so as long as they're not in their military uniform and it doesn't interfere with their military duties.

The member will need to get approval from the secretary of his or her service for such activity; so soldiers would have to receive the OK from the Secretary of the Army, sailors would need the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, and so on.

Active-duty military members can sign a petition for specific legislative action or a petition to place a candidate's name on an official election ballot if the signing does not obligate the member to engage in partisan political activity. This action can be taken only when it is done as a private citizen and not as a representative of the military.

A member of the military is also allowed to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing his or her personal views on public issues or political candidates as long as the action is not part of a political letter-writing campaign for a candidate or political action. However, if the letter identifies the member as on active duty or if the member is otherwise reasonably identifiable as a member of the Armed Forcesit must clearly state that the views expressed are those of the individual and not those of the Department of Defense.

Like any other American citizen, military members are allowed to make monetary contributions to a political organization, party, or political committee as long as they're within legal guidelines. Political bumper stickers on a military members' personal vehicle are allowed, but large banners or signs are not.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly. The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in the history of the United States.

The foundation of the American government, its purpose, form, and structure, are in the Constitution of the United States. The Constitutional Convention adopted the Constitution on September 17, The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. It guarantees greater constitutional protection for individual liberties and lists specific prohibitions on government power.

There are 27 Constitutional Amendments in all. You can view the original, parchment copy of the U. You can also view an online copy of the U.

Constitution or order a printed copy of the Constitution. Ask a real person any government-related question for free.

They'll get you the answer or let you know where to find it. American Flag Branches of the U. Government Budget of the U. Government Data and Statistics About the U.

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Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies. Declaration of Independence U. Constitution The U. National Anthem. Share This Page:. Do you have a question? Talk to a live USA.Logan Nye. Army life has created a lot of heroes in its years of service. Photo: Public Domain. The legendary standard, George Washington began as a militia officer working for the British Crown but later commanded all American forces both as the top general in the Revolutionary War and later the first commander in chief.

John Lincoln Clem as a young drummer boy. Photo: Library of Congress. John Lincoln Clem changed his own middle name from Joseph to Lincoln sometime before he tried to enlist in the Union Army at the outbreak of the Civil War when he was 9. After being rejected by another unit, he made it into the 22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry who sawed down the musket he later used to kill a Confederate officer who demanded his surrender. He was promoted to sergeant and became a national hero before being discharged in He returned in and rose to major general before retiring in Photo: US Army.

Alvin York tried to stay out of World War I as a conscientious objector. When his plea was denied, he followed orders and went to war where he captured German soldiers almost single-handedly.

He then escorted those prisoners through German lines, marching them past their own comrades. During a fight in the Argonne Forest, Johnson and a buddy came under attack by a dozen Germans. Johnson held them off with grenades and rifle fire until he ran out of ammo, then he finished the job with a knifesaving the rest of his unit.

One of the most decorated service members in historySgt. Audie Murphy was initially too small to enlist after Pearl Harbor and had to fight to get into the Army. Once in Europe, he engaged in a series of heroics including jumping onto a burning tank to hold off waves of infantry and six enemy tanks.

The Olympian and West Point graduate Gen. George S. Patton is most known for his role in creating the Armored Corps, leading tanks in World War IIand coining a collection of inspirational quotesbut he also served in World War I and the American expedition to capture Pancho Villa in Mexico.

Surkov, Aleksei

He retired but was recalled to active duty in Photo: Department of Defense. Tibor Rubin survived the Mauthausen, Austria concentration camp and joined the U. Army to how his appreciation for them liberating him.Born Oct. Soviet Russian poet and public figure. Hero of Socialist Labor Member of the CPSU since Surkov graduated from the department of literature of the Institute of the Red Professors in He began publishing in Surkov has also published translations of poetry, as well as the collection of articles and speeches on literature Voices of Time Many of his poems have been translated into national languages of the USSR and into foreign languages.

Surkov was editor in chief of Literaturnaia gazeta Literary Gazette from to and of the magazine Ogonek Beacon from to In he became editor in chief of the Short Encyclopedia of Literature. Surkov has been a member of the World Peace Council since Surkov received the international Botev Prize in He has been awarded four orders of Lenin, four other orders, the Bulgarian Order of Cyril and Methodius, and several medals. The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Posle voiny: Stikhi — godov. Moscow, Aleksei Surkov. Kiev, Vladimirov, S. Stikhi Alekseia Surkova. Leningrad, Grinberg, 1. Poeziia Alekseia Surkova. Reznik, O. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition All rights reserved. Mentioned in?

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Encyclopedia browser?Mary McCarthy became a widely read social satirist and essayist. But its loose, picaresque, quasi-autobiographical form also meshed well with posts fiction. Impressive new novelists, poets, and playwrights emerged after the war. There was, in fact, a gradual changing of the guard. Not only did a new generation come out of the war, but its ethnic, regional, and social character was quite different from that of the preceding one.

Among the younger writers were children of immigrants, many of them Jews; African Americans, only a few generations away from slavery; and, eventually, women, who, with the rise of feminism, were to speak in a new voice.

Though the social climate of the postwar years was conservativeeven conformist, some of the most hotly discussed writers were homosexuals or bisexuals, including Tennessee WilliamsTruman CapotePaul BowlesGore Vidaland James Baldwinwhose dark themes and experimental methods cleared a path for Beat writers such as Allen GinsbergWilliam S. Burroughsand Jack Kerouac. American literature Article Media Additional Info. Article Contents. Load Previous Page. Load Next Page.