Hiring Trends to Watch in Recruitment strategies to stay competitive throughout the hiring process as unemployment hovers at a nearly 50 year low. Finding the right balance between traditional and digital channels will be the key to successful recruitment in Online job boards, like Indeed and CareerBuilder, are the most popular recruitment method used by HR professionals, according to research by 4imprint. Other popular online recruitment methods include recruiting platforms like LinkedIn and Recruiter and organic social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Employee referral programs are the most popular offline recruitment method for employers, and nearly 40 percent of HR professionals agreed that it was the most successful recruitment method.

Job fairs, in-person networking events, recruiting agencies and print publications were other popular offline recruitment methods.

recruiting trends and hiring strategies to watch in

Most organizations still conduct interviews one-on-one. Almost 80 percent conduct one-on-one interviews in person and more than 60 percent complete them over the phone. In-person group interviews are common practice for more than half of employers and only 20 percent conduct group interviews by phone. With remote work on the rise, phone and video interviews will occur more frequently. Human resources representatives are most likely to be involved in the interview process.

More than half of HR professionals include the manager for the role or the department leader in the interview process. Nearly 40 percent include co-workers and just 15 percent involve direct reports in the interview process. Companies use personality assessments, cultural assessments and homework assignments to evaluate how potential hires will fit within the organization.

Cultural fit is considered the most important attribute, followed by qualifications, work experience, willingness to work and lastly, education. Employers are more flexible with educational requirements in light of the financial challenges associated with earning a college degree. Top 10 Employee Benefits for Choosing the Most Important Benefits to Employees in Previous Next. View Larger Image. Who is Involved in the Hiring Process?

Related Posts. Most Popular.Does your recruitment strategy boil down to posting a job ad on a board and biting your nails, waiting for the perfect candidate to apply? There are lots of recruitment strategies out there, and post and pray are far from the best one. If you want to fill more positions, get better quality candidates and decrease your time to hire, there is more to it than a great recruitment software. Here are some of the best recruitment strategies you can use.

From communicating the right values in your job ads to onboarding the candidates properly, the recruitment strategies you use can make or break your hiring process. Here are some that you should try out. Employer branding is perhaps the most important element in attracting, hiring and retaining great talent. While the amount may seem fairly high, the return on investment is more than good. In and the years to come, employee referral programs should finally get the credit they deserve.


This underused hiring tool is the secret weapon of many recruiters across industries. Some of the most important metrics to track include application completion rate, qualified candidate rate, cost of hire, time to hire, candidate response rate and many others we have a whole article on recruiting metrics plus a free template!

Depending on the company, the industry and primarily the recruitment strategy you use, you will get an average of several hundred applicants per position. While this is an admirable result, it can be better. Toggl ditched the resume as a hiring method and instead uses hiring tests you can read about that here. They also made it super easy to apply, with a simple click of a button. Finally, the company is remote, which opened up the entire world as a talent pool. As a result, they get up to 5 times the candidates that other companies usually get.

All you have to do is try out something different and innovate with your recruitment. As long as you do something to stand out from the crowd, your chances of getting better quality candidates increases.

That means that you have to hire quickly, at the right time and make an offer fast. In other words, finding a great candidate becomes more like a game of dice and less of a well-thought-out, regulated process with predictable outcomes. Passive candidates can be a real treasure trove of great talent if used the right way. In fact, this is how we found almost all members of the Toggl Hire team — through tests placed on social media.

Make the application as easy as possible and watch great applicants roll in. You have to fish where the fish are. When it comes to recruitment, this means that you need to go to the right places to find your ideal candidates. Niche job boards are job boards specializing in a certain field. For example, there are remote job boards, job boards for developers, writers, etc. They see less traffic than big websites, but they let you fish for exactly the kind of fish you want.

Problems arise when you have to write a job ad for a technical description such as an Angular developer, for example.The year marks the start of a new decade. This means that we have a new set of recruiting trends, predictions, and challenges to look forward to.

The trends that will emerge in the next few years are bound to affect both hiring professionals and jobseekers. This year happens to be extra unique as the COVID pandemic had governments enforce strict community quarantine guidelines. These lockdowns had many businesses temporarily halt operations or adopt modern techniques to remain functional. In more ways than one, the global health crisis has been affecting the HR and recruiting industry. Modern hiring tech is also expected to affect the industry.

Recruitment has undoubtedly undergone significant changes and improvements over the last decade. For one, experts have wholly embraced the gift of technology, which expanded their candidate and hire sources. As recruitment slowly veers away from traditional talent acquisition methods—think phone screenings and paper resumes—modern methods have taken the spotlight.

Recruiters have started to explore social recruiting, in addition to sourcing candidates through online job boards. Furthermore, also showed that the majority of candidates are passive job seekers. For recruiters, this means that they need to brew creative tricks to find and attract top talent who are probably just waiting for the right opportunity to knock on their doors. These are just some of the prominent trends from the past years that set the stage for recruitment this year and decade.

Around 4. Employers are taking measures to ensure the safety of their people. Even major companies such as Microsoft, Hitachi, and Chevron have asked their employees to work remotely. As for recruiters, they will have to adjust to this new normal.

As a result, recruiters who are working for organizations that will adopt the remote work setup need to apply recruitment strategies specifically geared toward telecommuting. While some companies adopt and transition to remote work amidst the global health crisis, some organizations freeze hiring activities altogether.

Companies that have temporarily paused recruitment practices include the German airline Lufthansa, holiday company TUI, and logistics company SingPost. Halting recruitment and hiring is understandable if not necessary. Furthermore, the shrinking economy and other existing recruitment issues may also contribute to hiring pauses and delays. Companies may have to decrease recruitment budgets, so recruiters will have to adjust recruitment strategies to get good results on a smaller budget.Business success depends on a variety of factors, and the recruiting trend landscape is no exception.

The unemployment rate hovers at a record low of 3. By many estimates, the U. A low employment rate brings its own set of unique challenges for recruiting, and with global issues like a trade war with China and the U.

A slow time to hire means recruiters will need to compete for top talent and recruiting tactics will need to be increasingly innovative. Offering flexibility as a job perk, i. Flexibility, of course, can depend on the type of job and technology involved and is most suitable for employees who can work remotely via their laptops.

The shortage of workers who are traditionally qualified for specific jobs means employers will continue to look outside their traditional target markets. Employers will also need to look for skills they think will help prospective employees easily adapt to the responsibilities of the job — otherwise known as transferable skills. Transferable skills can include things like dependability, strong communication skills, organization, adaptability and leadership.

Use of video can help organizations speak to prospects remotely, record interviews for feedback from other team members and assess personality traits. Building your business through networking and current co-worker connections is a great tactic that can bring quality team members to your organization.

An employee referral program that provides incentives to employees who recruit people they know can be highly beneficial to both employer and employee. When competition for employees is so high, finding new hires through connections rather than job boards is a viable and compelling alternative. Technology is becoming increasingly more capable, and digging through each resume manually is becoming a thing of the past for large organizations.

Automation can help facilitate candidate screening, interview scheduling and skills analysis. Whatever recruitment tactics organizations choose to integrate inmethods will ultimately be at the mercy of the job market and the global economy. Remember me. Forget Your Username or Password? Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address.

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Interested in ACE ? Over the past few years, HR trends have shifted focus to creating a positive candidate experience, strengthening employer branding and embracing social recruitment.

Each year, slight variations to these trends emerge, proof that not only are they effective, but becoming increasingly important to HR departments and the C-Suite alike.

While recruitment marketing may be the number one HR trend forothers are making their debut as complementary tactical elements. As comes to an end, we look forward to using the lessons learned this year to create a more positive and beyond.

One thing you can count on in recruiting is that it will keep on evolving—and also keep on generating data, while requiring more and more data as it moves forward. LinkedIn recently published the results of its Global Talent Trends. Reflecting on This list of recruiting trends should be your guide for improving your recruiting strategy. Are you ready to implement these new recruiting trends or will you be left behind? HR Trends Read More. A lot has happened in !

recruiting trends and hiring strategies to watch in

What are the top HR trends in ? HR Interests, Responsibilities, and Challenges in Looking at recent unemployment numbers, especially in Q2might indicate a sense of helplessness as companies slim their workforces. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment.

We spent three days demoing and talking with a variety of HR Technology Products. This virtual event was our first and. We predict that inemployee wellness and mental health awareness will play a vital role. We predict that the workforce in will demand for work-life balance.

We predict that employee experience will be the primary focus in for organizations. As comes to a close and the new year is approaching, you might be evaluating the recruiting space and your recruiting strategies more than ever.

Baby Boomers—the youngest of whom have been eligible for AARP membership for five years—occupy the majority of C-level. Join the resource revolution.

Over the past few years, the trend in recruitment has been constantly changing.

20 New Recruiting Trends: 2020/2021 Hiring Data, Statistics & Predictions

These days, employers would emphasize skills assessments and have embraced the various technological advancements in recruiting. To keep up with the exciting changes happening in the field of recruitmenthere are the top trends in recruitment that you should know.Skills assessment platform to identify qualified developers accurately using an intelligent chatbot with in-built code editor.

EnglishExcelBusiness Analyst and Accounting. The year is almost ending but the covid 19 pandemic has forced the modern workplace to evolve. Modern recruitment solutions have entered the industry and disruptive recruitment trends are emerging.

recruiting trends and hiring strategies to watch in

In this post, we will take a look at the top 5 HR and recruitment trends that will heavily influence and the decade. As the digital nomad life becomes more prominent, the criteria of the job location has become less important.

Organizations have started addressing their work culture as remote-friendly or as remote-first in a bid to attract uniquely-skilled talents from across the globe.

With remote work, many companies have reported an increase in output, efficiency, and employee satisfaction as they can enjoy the flexibility of time and location.

But because of the COVID 19 pandemic remote work has become a necessity for many organizations and teams to continue their work. This has lead to an increase in global hiring and a chance for employers to appeal to a bigger talent pool. With the use of AI, the traditional recruitment process has been upgraded to a data-driven recruitment process, where recruiters make staffing plans and decisions based on data and insights. Recruiters believe that AI can fully automate candidate sourcing, matching, and screening using tools like ATSrecruitment marketing platforms, and pre-employment testing platforms.

Apart from using an ATS, AI-powered chatbots are also currently being utilized for screening candidates before scheduling them for face-to-face interviews. Utilizing people analytics is a newer trend in the field of HR.

Predictive analytics makes use of data to make future predictions, influence hiring decisions and is also able to predict which employee is likely to leave. The proper use of HR analytics and insights helps recruiters track and improve key hiring metrics such as quality-of-hire, cost-to-hire, and time-to-hire.

This visible skills gap is expected to grow around 29 million byand according to a LinkedIn study, most of such jobs heavily rely on soft skills. Companies have been recruiting for soft skills before, but now recruiters are hiring candidates with essential soft skills to minimize the skill gap.

The most in-demand soft-skills that will be highly regarded in and beyond are:. While hard skills are very specific to the position, soft skills like customer service skills are essential for every role across the organization.

Recruiters can screen candidates for soft skills such as their EQ by asking focused interview questions or by having the candidates take a psychometric test.

Digital recruitment solutions have been on the rise in the last decade. AI-based tools such as video interviewing platforms and programmatic job ad platforms are currently being used by businesses to narrow candidate pools and source candidates with the help of social media and online search sites respectively. Another interesting way of screening candidates is by using skills assessments. Online skill assessment platforms help organizations with screening candidates by automating tests when the first round of in-person interviews seem impractical.

Gamification in recruitment has taken the recruitment industry by a storm. Gamification is a technique used to engage and compel candidates to reach a certain goal, specifically through elements of game mechanics, theory, and design. Late retirements and with the arrival of the new kid on the block, Generation Z, organizations are seeing more diversity when it comes to the age of employees. This trend will continue beyond Gen Z candidates are entering the workforce and demand a digitized process with a short time-to-hire and a more face-to-face communication.

With a Gen Z-friendly candidate experienceyou inevitably increase your chances of attracting top talent. There is no denying that was a challenging year. But there is a silver lining. Challenges bring about changes that positively disrupt the industry. If you would like some advice on embracing a remote hiring process, we would love to help you.

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recruiting trends and hiring strategies to watch in

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