In our daily lives, we have seen much technological equipment that we take for granted, such as cars that provide transportation, radio, and television for entertainment and educational purposes. Yet, many people are amazed at how useful their computers are such that the invention of computers in the United States has been enormous.

Computers allow students to learn various skills such as word processing, such that students and teachers could work more collaboratively. One of the reasons why computers have a tremendous impact in our lives because they are not just a piece of machines that only performing a single task.

With the availability of computers, people could net surfing, download music, watch movies, do research, and more. In addition, computers are mainly used in education and communication purposes.

The computer revolution has significantly contributed to an exciting part of education and learning. Computers have changed how students learn, study, and do assignments. When a student is working on a project on the computer and doing it well, answering the questions provided correct.

Then the individual feels great about him or herself, in return, success boosts one's confidence by giving him or her positive emotional benefits in a way that computers encouraged the students to go back on the computer and improve their skills even more. In addition, positive academic affects could also take place when using computers. For example, the most basic way that computers help students is through word processing software.

With word processing programs such as Microsoft Word students can access programs to edit, correct spelling errors, and much more. Microsoft Word also gives students the ability to be creative, add pictures, and use different fonts when they are working on an assignment or project on a computer.

They could also save their work on a disk and electronically mail the assignments to their teachers or friends without the hassle of going to their houses. This paper gives a review of what is occurring with cell phones also, what is the effect of using cell phones on youth. Why we consider utilizing cell phones may change habitual process of everyday interaction and what will its potential effect be on the youth will be answered.

Therefore, during the research its effects on the society both in the long-term and short term will be analyzed, and cause to search advancement of mobile technology and its effect on youth. Therefore, this time limitation does not allow finding information before s and comparing effect of mobile media on Although technology may seem like a positive thing for man, the negative factors of these technological advances such as lack of human interaction and laziness have caused more problems than anticipated.

The development of the telephone, an immediate cause, resulted in effect of people not having to see each other in person to talk to each other. However in return it has caused much laziness; the car has contributively caused many people to become lazy. This is an example of how progress has had a negative effect on the world.

Automobiles are an excellent example of how technology can backfire in this world. Another polluting effect of automobiles is the heat it creates. In addition, the worse polluting effect of automobiles is the exhaust. The reliance on technologies we take for granted is also a negative effect of technology. Some car materials harm the environment directly or can cause human health effects.Computers have become so necessary to modern living that it is difficult to believe that they are a relatively recent invention.

We cannot live without computers, as they are involved in most of the everyday options. In schools, students use computers to learn and teachers use computer in their teachings. All they need to do is just sit in front of the monitor and click the mouse. That means computers make the learning and teaching processes more efficient. As a result, students are all better educated. Although some people may complain students of becoming less concentrated on the lessons if computers are used, it is not the problem of using computers.

We cannot blame the computers, as it is the responsibility of students. In offices, businessmen use computers to trade with other companies, especially those who are overseas.

They can communicate with each other in a short time. Thus, trades can be finished in a more efficient way. Besides, they can collect the most up-to-date financial information from the Internet so that they can make the best decision. Moreover, computers are used to control the operation of machines.

write an essay about the trouble computers can cause

Therefore, the productivity of companies can be highly increased. However, illnesses are brought by the inappropriate computer-aid working facilities. Illnesses can be combated by using ergonomic desks or chairs. In transportations, computers are used to control trains, ships and even the planes. The use of computers makes the itinerary more steady and safe.

Since these computer systems are very reliable, pressures of the divers can be reduced. On the other hand, computers are used to control the traffic lights. They can accurately assign time for pedestrians and vehicles. They contribute to our transport system. It is believed that computer system may be out of order, and unreliable.

We should not rely on them too much. It may be true to a certain extent. However the convenience that computer brought to us cannot be neglected.

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Also they rarely become out of order. Since the convenience out weight the problems, computers still bring us more benefits. That is we can pay the electricity, telephone, water, and town gas bills without going out.

We can make appointments through the Internet too, e. Also we can renew books. All these services are provided simply just by logging into your own account.Please check the sample of the previously written essay on the topic.

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Some Hackers use their knowledge of the telephone system to turn their enemies home telephone into a virtual pay-phone that asks for quarters whenever you take the phone off the hook. The most wanted Hacker Kevin Mitinick was tracked down and arrested after he broke into a computer that belonged to a Japanese security professional. A computer virus is a small but highly destructive program written by an unscrupulous computer Hacker. A person to commits a computer crime in caught will very likely face a substantial punishment.

Back in a 17 year old computer Hacker single handedly brought down four hundred thousand computers in a matter of hours. In conclusion hopefully you now know a little more about computer crimes and the people who commit them.

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In this speech I will tell you why and how people break into computers, what sorts of trouble they cause, and what kind of punishment lie ahead for them if caught. If you pay attention to the rest of this speech you will understand how a Hackers mind works and how to defend yourself from them. Hackers and Crackers break into computer systems for any of a wide variety of reasons. Essay on Computer Crimes Speech Sample essay paragraphs Please check the sample of the previously written essay on the topic.

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Selling Violent Video Games to Minors. Cellphones as an Educational Tool. Technology as a distraction.

The Necessity of College Education. Fighting Sexual Violence against Young Women. Legalizing Sports betting. Cheerleading as a Sport. Gay and lesbian rights for sports men and women. What role does sports occupy in the modern world. Have sports in America been too commercialized? What are the benefits of sports franchises to their locals?If the loss of programs or data on your computer is going to make you upset, it is recommended that you take some precautions.

Factors That Can Damage your computer. In terms of its hardware and the data contained within the computer, threatening factors may include the following:. Computers produced for personal use have a certain lifespan.

Drives are like old records, spinning in a magnetic vacuum. They are very sensitive instruments, suffering sudden blows while moving will greatly damage them. And when the life span assigned to them is taken into account which can be estimated by the warranty period the possibility of losing data is a threat that cannot be ignored.

If you do not have a special protection, for your computer against electricity surges or sudden power failures, disruptions may occur causing massive data loss. Similarly, sudden and large changes in voltage in the computer can cause damage to data.

Grounding problems and static electricity can cause defects on chips inside the computer and to the computers electronics. In particular, this sensitivity increases even further when hardware is connected or disconnected to the computer. Perhaps most importantly one of the factors that shorten the life of computers is the warm-up problem.

Cheap and unconsciously selected computer cases, cooling elements that are not installed according to the rules and overloading of computers is associated with warming that may lead to temporary or permanent damage. Any computer connected to an Internet network cannot be one hundred percent guaranteed to be protected.

Hackers, real person or robot alike, can find an exposed computer and can prevent use or significantly damage it. Your computer hardware might not be harmed but loss of data is imminent.

From time to time users can unconsciously cause damage to computer hardware and software. Some software packages especially those of dubious origins can damage the computer because of errors within their own ranks; they can even cause operating systems to become unusable, during initial installation, during use, while doing a specific combination of jobs, or if incompatible with other types of software working at the same time.

As long as software errors do not accumulate they are unlikely to announce themselves. Useful measures that can be taken. In the light of the information above, computer users should do the following and take necessary measures as follows:.

With the BIOS settings make sure the computer does not turn on automatically after a power cut. This will help protect your computer against sequential, consecutively and frequent electricity outages and fluctuations that may occur, largely preventing damage to the computer.

While the Computer is running do not plug in or unplug mouse, serial port, parallel port, keypad, etc. Except for the USB and Ethernet. Protect against computer viruses and attacks and follow the recommendations previously proposed. If you are unsure of how exactly to do what you want on the computer, do not go to hardware and software changes. If possible, install up to date software that comes with the computers motherboard, displaying information boards showing computer warm up and from time to time check the internal temperature status of the device.

Announcements View All. Factors That Can Damage your computer In terms of its hardware and the data contained within the computer, threatening factors may include the following: Hardware faults that may occur. Electricity interruptions and failures. Attack by hackers. Viruses and other malicious programs. User errors. Errors in the software or the operating system installed.

In the light of the information above, computer users should do the following and take necessary measures as follows: Make an effort to periodically backup your data.

Unplug the computer when installing new hardware, ground yourself. Make sure your building and the room you are using has grounding. Try not to touch computers, which install your body with a static electric charge. Do not unnecessarily leave your computer switched on.It's a very easy language ane also understand it's so thank you for your help. This essay written in simple language carries useful information. Hi,I am praneeta bajracharya and I really like the language of about the computer.

I read in Nightingale International Secondary School. There in my school, we talk English so the language about it is same like the language in my school. Really its language is very easy. I understand quickly. Thank you so much for helping me.

write an essay about the trouble computers can cause

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The computer is a modern electronic device. At first, it was a mere calculating machine. It works better and quicker than man. People use it in offices, hotels, companies, etc. Every young man today is interested in it. We can even watch the cinema on the computer. It can print out papers and receipts. The computer does a lot of work for the man. So the present age is the age of the computer.

Essay on Computer words. The computer is an electronic device. It helps man a lot in various fields. Man depends on it more and more because of its quickness, accuracy and safe preservation of facts.

At times, it is found committing errors.

write an essay about the trouble computers can cause

But it is not responsible for them. If a man is a little careless in feeding facts, it is natural that the computer will yield him wrong results. Man gets tired but not a computer.Technology refers to the use of machines and various tools that make our daily work lives simpler, easier and organized.

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Technology also refers to the knowledge of techniques and processes and is embedded mostly in machines used as factors. Human beings invent many technologies to meet their own needs and for society. Technology has created a lot of comfort for humans, but because of this convenience, people are increasingly dependent on technology.

The technology that influences humans today is computers, including smartphones. Computers are one of the most advanced technologies that people made. It has a variety of capabilities that can be used in various tasks, learning. It is also like a wire that connects me and the outside world. The first thing that I do before getting up and the last thing that I do before going asleep is checking my cell phone. Every day, I do homework, write blogs, send and receive emails, take photos, know about the latest news, and chat with friends with the aid of technologies.

My attitude toward technology is complex. I am obsessed with technology which makes. As arguably the most often used technological device, phones both exemplify and cause what technology can do to a society. However, some disadvantages exist to the virtual reality we live in today. To make myself clear, technology causes a lower understanding of key listening and communication skills. One example of the loss of communication skills due to technology is that attention spans decreased in length.

In fact, a study led by Microsoft found that the average attention. At one point in life all means of communication was face-to-face whereas now we are offered an abundance of different social media and technology concepts that have taken away from face-to-face communicating. Although we can look at the spread of social media to be a positive aspect in which it has helped people communicate.

The more advanced technology is becoming, the more it is taking over our lives. Life without technology is unimaginable. Ever since technology has come into our lives we feel that now, we could never live without it. We live in a society that is overly dependent and relies heavily on technology to complete our jobs. In the recent past, technology has evolved to an extent that human labor has either been, replaced partially or completely by machines. As technology continues to improve, robots are.

I myself have watched it invade my home and become an essential part of my life. Almost every household in the United States in connected to social media in some way. Technology has given us the power to make major leaps in medicine, communication and entertainment. With all of this wonderful new technology it makes me wonder, is it affecting.

Less work means less energy spent.